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Power up your

career. gifts. finances. life.

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Power up your

career. gifts. finances. life.

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About the Book

The You Got This journal for intentional living was designed solely with you in mind.  Life Boss is the attitude of an individual who takes ownership and responsibility of their life in every aspect—the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Use this journal to capture your feelings, ideas, dreams, goals, challenges and any thoughts you just want to put down on paper.  Tools like this journal assist in charting your personal journey as a Life Boss.  There is so much power in self-reflection which is the foundation of self-care.  Every affirmation mentioned was written to intentionally champion the Life Boss in you.  Look no further, the power is in you…you got this!


“You are your greatest asset”

Disclaimer:  This book is a resource to assist with personal best practices.  The author and publisher do not claim to treat or diagnose any condition.  The information in this book does not substitute for professional guidance or services.

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In You Got This

You’ll Discover How To…

Purpose and Passion

Each of us have gifts and talents. Identifying purpose and passion involves self-discovery and reflection. This requires us to really pay attention to ourselves. Purpose and passion fuel your personal power

Plan, Prepare, Execute and Evaluate

As you set goals and aspirations, they will not happen until you—PLAN, PREPARE, EXECUTE and EVALUATE. Many people dream big and that’s it. Dreams do not become reality just by keeping them in your head. Writing your goals helps to organize your thoughts and create an action plan.

Own It

Recognize the good, bad, and ugly of your journey. Believe in yourself. Past problems and current circumstances do not have to determine your future. Make up your mind to make positive change. No more excuses!

In it to Win it

This is your journey to live. You have to be committed to see things through from beginning to end. You cannot invest minimum efforts and expect maximum results. Consistency matters. Endurance matters. Focus matters. Resilience matters. Mindset is everything!

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