You Got This!

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A Journal for Intentional Living

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This journal is designed to capture your feelings, ideas, dreams, goals, challenges, and any thoughts you just want to put down on paper.  Tools like this journal assist in charting your personal journey as a Life Boss.  There is so much power in self-reflection which is the foundation of self-care.  The journal is filled with affirmations, every affirmation mentioned was written to intentionally champion the Life Boss in you.  Look no further, the power is in you…You Got This!

Based on 5 reviews
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  1. LaTanya D Sauls

    This journal has deepened my desire to pen my inner most thoughts. I use the affirmations to guide my words onto the page which over a few weeks I can see my growth and movement “through” my current life situations. Bravo Ms. Browne Bravo! Can’t wait to read your next upcoming book in Fall 2021!!

    • Pamela Browne

      Awesome! I am happy to know about the positive impact the book has made upon you. Keep soaring! You Got This!

  2. Terea Adebo

    I purchased a few journals to pass along to some of my clients and visitors at my church’s food pantry. I believe it will help them bring forth their inner boss and uplift their spirits during trying times. Thank you Pamela for being that shining light in a dim lit place..

    • Pamela Browne

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your support. Positivity is contagious. Keep soaring! You Got This!

  3. Reginald L.Broddie

    Excellent read . The journeys are inspiring and full of life’s lessons .

    • Pamela Browne

      Thank you for the feedback! Mindset is everything! You Got This!

  4. Keisha Hudson

    I absolutely Love and Appreciate Mrs. Pamela for creating such an amazing book. It has been a great journaling experience and uplifting affirmations that will keep you inspired daily. Yesssss, You Got This !✍️

    • Pamela Browne

      Thank you Keisha!! Keep soaring…You Got This!

  5. Gwendolyn Wade

    I bought this Book in the Summer of 2021 to Support and Encourage my Sistah Pam Browne. However, little did I know how much the Book would be such a Blessing to me. I use the Book every day to Journal and have Quiet Devotion with GOD. No matter the Topic, I cross reference the book with the Holy Bible to help me see different perspectives in my life and others…….
    This Book helps me to Stay Focus, Stay Encouraged and Stay Patient, while also Trusting the Process of knowing “I GOT THIS”!….
    So Grateful to GOD for this “ministry” and proud of my Sistah-Girlfriend!
    Your Love, Humility, Grace and Elegance is a Blessing to Nations!
    Pam, THANK YOU for allowing me to “Glean”, and for your Love, Friendship and Sisterhood to me!

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